I Love Fitness Donuts Digital Planner – for Goodnotes, Notability and other Notetaking App on Ipad Pro Weekly Daily Planner Weight Loss Templates

This is a digital fitness planner, made for use in iPad Pro on notetaking apps like Goodnotes and Noteshelf on your tablet with a stylus. It’s also ready to use with Xodo for Android as well as Drawboard PDF.

You will need a tablet that you can write on with a stylus and a notetaking app, that are not included.

The planner has 133 PAGES with a place for EVERYTHING you need to plan, to track, to stay motivated. Even so, the files are optimized and compressed to less than 5 MB each.

1: All future updates of this planner.
2: Coordinating Digital Journal
3: Coordinating Digital Stickers
4: Step by step instructions to download and set up digital stickers
5: Step by Step instructions to download and set up the planner




HEART – Get into the awesome superpower of your feelings

– My Heart’s Desire and what my goal means to me
– Why I’m Starting this Now
– Juicy Reward Ideas
– The Ways my life will get better
– Brainstorm and discover what your heart’s telling you:
— Things I would love to do
— Places I would love to go
— I would love to have/buy
— I would love to experience
— I would love to read
— I would love try /see
– When I lose weight I can’t freaking wait until I can be/do/have
– Juicy Reward Visualization


MIND – Explore strategies & make your plan
– My Top 5 Go-to’s
— Ways I love to move
— Songs I love to move to
— Favorite Healthy Meals
— Favorite Healthy Snacks
— Favorite Things I love to do for fun
— Favorite Things I love to do to De-Stress
— Favorite Cheat meals, snacks, and drinks
— Favorite ways to wind down to sleep
— Favorite ways I love to drink water
— Favorite fruits and vegetables
— Favorite Low-calorie meals from restaurants
— Favorite salads from restaurants
– If my family asks why I’m doing this I’ll say
– If I slip I will immediately be ready with a loving action
– I’m going to have my next treat on this date
– Supplements I want to try
– Healthy Recipes I want to try
– My Plan for Dining Out – how I’m going to ace these challenges
— Tempting meal pictures
— High calorie drinks
— Family appetizers
— Dessert
— Coffee additions
— How I’m going to focus on company, not food
– What I value and how I express it in my life
– Goal brainstorm
– Steps to my goal
– Vision brainstorm – 30 days to 18 months
– My workout plan – What I want to try and when
– My rewards plan I’m so freaking excited for

STEPS – Your personal plan of action
– Easy Meal Builder
– My Family’s favorite protein, vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats, seasoning
– My Next Healthy Recipes
– Recipe pages to write down ingredients and directions
– Meal Planning and Grocery List
– Grocery shopping tips
– Resources tracker – what you’ve used and enjoyed in the ‘I Love Fitness’ Online Center.

DAILY – Track your steps every day
– 3 styles of day planner layout
– Progress tracker
– Notes pages

WEEKLY – Check-ins
– My Fitness Week Tracker
– Weekly weigh-ins
– Weekly weights and measurements
– Omron Scanner Progress Chart for the Omron HBF-514C Full Body Sensor – Body Composition Monitor – Scale
– Schedule of Treats and Cheats
– My Best Month Ever Goals and Habit Tracker
– Week Overview planner
– Week Review sheet

JOURNAL – Your heart-to-heart with the VIP in your life
WINS – Accomplishments to Celebrate big and small