You Just Downloaded your shiny new Digital Fitness Planner. Now what? | Noteshelf tutorial

How about we go over a few things so that you feel confident using the planner, and nip overwhelm in the bud!

In this video we’ll cover…

  • Set your pencil colors
  • Your First Few Pages
  • Easy Week Tracker to use now

If you’re in a hurry, I’ve included approximately where the different topics start.

[1:10] Add colors to your pencil options so that your writing coordinates with the color scheme of this really lovely lavender shade digital planner. Here’s how you set your pencil in Noteshelf.

[3:50] Your heart’s desire, your goal and what it means to you.

Why are you starting this now?  List every single reason you can possibly think of for rocket fuel to your wins.

[6:40] My fitness week tracker, starting on Monday or Sunday for the week.  Track breakfast, lunch, dinner, exercise vitamins and water here.

[7:20] duplicating pages in Noteshelf

[8:20] Finishing the page of ‘Your First Few Steps’


YES YOU CAN!!  You can do this!  I believe in you!  😊 Let’s get it done!