Free Fitness Planner Download

I love fitness digital planner
I love fitness digital planner
I love fitness digital planner
I love fitness digital planner
I love fitness digital planner

I Love Fitness Digital Planner – Minimalist Edition! for Goodnotes, Notability and other Notetaking Apps 

This is a digital fitness planner, made for use in iPad Pro on notetaking apps like Goodnotes and Noteshelf on your tablet with a stylus. It’s also ready to use with Xodo for Android as well as Drawboard PDF.

You will need a tablet that you can write on with a stylus and a notetaking app, that are not included.

The planner has 133 PAGES with a place for EVERYTHING you need to plan, to track, to stay motivated. Even so, the files are optimized and compressed to less than 3 MB.

INCLUDES all future updates of this planner.




HEART – Get into the awesome superpower of your feelings

– My Heart’s Desire and what my goal means to me
– Why I’m Starting this Now
– Juicy Reward Ideas
– The Ways my life will get better
– Brainstorm and discover what your heart’s telling you:
— Things I would love to do
— Places I would love to go
— I would love to have/buy
— I would love to experience
— I would love to read
— I would love try /see
– When I lose weight I can’t freaking wait until I can be/do/have
– Juicy Reward Visualization


MIND – Explore strategies & make your plan
– My Top 5 Go-to’s
— Ways I love to move
— Songs I love to move to
— Favorite Healthy Meals
— Favorite Healthy Snacks
— Favorite Things I love to do for fun
— Favorite Things I love to do to De-Stress
— Favorite Cheat meals, snacks, and drinks
— Favorite ways to wind down to sleep
— Favorite ways I love to drink water
— Favorite fruits and vegetables
— Favorite Low-calorie meals from restaurants
— Favorite salads from restaurants
– If my family asks why I’m doing this I’ll say
– If I slip I will immediately be ready with a loving action
– I’m going to have my next treat on this date
– Supplements I want to try
– Healthy Recipes I want to try
– My Plan for Dining Out – how I’m going to ace these challenges
— Tempting meal pictures
— High calorie drinks
— Family appetizers
— Dessert
— Coffee additions
— How I’m going to focus on company, not food
– What I value and how I express it in my life
– Goal brainstorm
– Steps to my goal
– Vision brainstorm – 30 days to 18 months
– My workout plan – What I want to try and when
– My rewards plan I’m so freaking excited for

STEPS – Your personal plan of action
– Easy Meal Builder
– My Family’s favorite protein, vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats, seasoning
– My Next Healthy Recipes
– Recipe pages to write down ingredients and directions
– Meal Planning and Grocery List
– Grocery shopping tips
– Resources tracker – what you’ve used and enjoyed in the ‘I Love Fitness’ Online Center.

DAILY – Track your steps every day
– 3 styles of day planner layout
– Progress tracker
– Notes pages

WEEKLY – Check-ins
– My Fitness Week Tracker
– Weekly weigh-ins
– Weekly weights and measurements
– Omron Scanner Progress Chart for the Omron HBF-514C Full Body Sensor – Body Composition Monitor – Scale
– Schedule of Treats and Cheats
– My Best Month Ever Goals and Habit Tracker
– Week Overview planner
– Week Review sheet

RECIPES – Your favorites all in one place
WINS – Accomplishments to Celebrate big and small


Walkthrough video of what’s inside (coming soon)


You’ll receive this digital file instantly and are able to use it right away. 

This file is for your personal use only, and may not be shared with anyone. If someone wants to use it please send them to this page.

Thank you!